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160° AOV Smoke Vents

Surespan rooflights


Surespan Roof top smoke ventilators offer exemplary functional safety and reliability, fully CE marked to EN 12101-2. The rooflight vent can be sold with 3 or 4 layer glazing in clear or opal diffused variants, also included is a 300mm steel reinforced PVC upstand.

Electric smoke vents can also be used as daily ventilation alternatives. The actuator can be moved to the side in order to accommodate an access alternative

In accordance with Smoke vent regulations these natural smoke vents offer a minimum airflow of 1.02m² with sizes available up to 1500 x 2500 offering 2.66m² airflow area.

A variety of options can be specified to create the optimum smoke ventilation system including smoke detectors, Fire man switch, and control centre with battery backup.

Stock AOV Sizes

Available in 2-3 days

STOCK SIZES Airflow m²
1200 x 1200 1.02
1500 x 1000 1.07
1500 x 1500 1.60
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Standard Features

  • Sizes up to 1500 x 2500 mm
  • CE marked to EN12101-2
  • Standard Sizes available Ex-Stock
  • U-Value 1.8 W/m2K
  • Thermally broken frame and lid
  • Heavy duty 24V DC mechanism



Standard Sizes

Product Ref.Structural Opening SizeAirflow(m2)
with Wind Deflector
Add to spec
SD.AOV 120.1201200 x 12001.20
SD.AOV 100.1501000 x 15001.07
SD.AOV 125.1251250 x 12501.11
SD.AOV 120.1501200 x 15001.28
SD.AOV 100.2001000 x 20001.42
SD.AOV 120.1801200 x 18001.53
SD.AOV 150.1501500 x 15001.60
SD.AOV 100.2401000 x 24001.70
SD.AOV 100.2501000 x 25001.78
SD.AOV 150.1801500 x 18001.92
SD.AOV 120.2501200 x 25002.13
SD.AOV 150.2501500 x 25002.66


Layer Options

Triple polycarbonate layers

Triple Layer Glazing

U-value of 1.8W/m²K

4 Polycarbonate layers

Quad Layer Glazing

U-value of 1.5W/m²K

Botom layer insulated glazing

Thermally Insulated

U-value of 1.0 or 0.83 W/m²K

Blocks infrared light


Reflects infrared and UV light

Double layer

Double layer

U-value of 2.7W/m²K


Upstand options

Standard steel reinforced upstand

300mm PVC/Steel

PVC reinforced with steel.

GRP reinforced with steel

300mm GRP/Steel

GRP reinforced with steel

GRP steel upstand

500mm GRP/Steel

GRP reinforced with steel

Deadlock with internal thumb turn open

300mm Steel

Steel upstand

Deadlock with internal thumb turn open

400mm Steel

Steel upstand

Deadlock with internal thumb turn open

500mm Steel

Steel upstand


Control Requirements

24V Control Centre

24V Control centre

Electrical Control Unit.

Smoke detector

Smoke Detector

For early detection of fire

Ventilation Button

Ventilation Switch

Key switch for domestic use.

Fire Switch

IP40 Fire Switch

Emegency fire switch


Optional Features

Thermal break

Fall Protection

Prevents falling through an open rooflight

Trace heating

Intruder Protection

Burglar protection

Fire rated access hatches

Attachment Point

For ManSafe equipment

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SD.AOV Dome Roof Hatch

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  • Triple Layer
  • 300mm steel reinforced PVC
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