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Biomass Fuel Doors

Surespan designs and supplies Biomass fuel doors in a variety of designs to suit all types of application. Biomass covers can be operated either manually, hydraulically or electrically and manufactured in aluminium. For single or double leaf, upstand access covers are rated at 5kN/m² loading with our flush floor covers being capable of taking traffic loading up to FACTA Class E.

The patent marine alloy frame incorporates a single or double unbroken EPDM seal to help prevent the ingress of dirt and moisture, offering water and near air tight seal. Vented, insulated and airtight options are available.

Biomass Fuel Doors can be manufactured to include our Suregrip anti-slip surfacing, available in a range of colours and designs.

Surespan ventilators with micro-mesh filters are avlso available.

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SAC Flush Biomass Door

SAC Flush

For traffic areas. Manufactured in magnesium alloy with marine alloy frames or stainless steel.

RSI Upstand Biomass Door

RSI Upstand

For non-traffic areas. Aluminium single or double leaf upstand access covers are rated at 2.5 or 5kN/m2 loading

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