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E Class Heavy Duty Hatch

Heavy Duty Floor Hatch


Surespan type EHDC E Class Heavy Duty Floor Access Covers are designed to take loadings of up to 16 tonnes. Manufactured in cast aluminium alloy. The aluminium alloy hatches can can take loadings from 5 to 16 tonnes (FACTA class B to E) and are available in standard single, double and multi leaf sizes.

They are gas spring operated, making them easy to open, and come with a range of locking options, including Surespan's unique locking box.


Surespn NBS BIM ModelsBIM Models
NBS Spec SheetSpec Sheets
Fitting InstructionFitting
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Fitting InstructionFACTA Loadings

Standard Features

  • Standard sizes
  • Rated up to FACTA Class E vehicle loading
  • Manufactured in cast aluminum alloy
  • Can take loadings from 5 to 19 tonnes
  • Rw25dB acoustic rated
  • Hold open stay - against accidental closure


Select your combination

Electric control
Hydraulic control
Electric control
Hydraulic control
Product RefStructural Opening SizeWeight *
* Weight relates to facta class A only
EHDC 60.60600 x 60075kg
EHDC 75.75750 x 75090kg
EHDC 90.60900 x 60095kg
EHDC 90.90900 x 900105kg
EHDC 100.1001000 x 1000120kg
Product RefStructural Opening SizeWeight *
* Weight relates to facta class A only
EHDC 60.120600 x 1321150kg
EHDC 75.150750 x 1621180kg
EHDC 90.120900 x 1321190kg
EHDC 90.180900 x 1921210kg
EHDC 100.2001000 x 2121240kg
Product RefStructural Opening SizeWeight *
* Weight relates to facta class A only
EHDC 60.180600 x 2042225kg
EHDC 60.225600 x 2492270kg
EHDC 75.225750 x 2492285kg
EHDC 90.270900 x 2942315kg
EHDC 100.3001000 x 3242360kg
Product RefStructural Opening SizeWeight *
* Weight relates to facta class A only
EHDC 120.1201321 x 1321300kg
EHDC 150.1501621 x 1621360kg
EHDC 120.1801321 x 1921380kg
EHDC 180.1801921 x 1921420kg
EHDC 200.2002121 x 2121480kg


Control Options

Gas Spring

Gas Spring

Gas Spring assisted operation.

Compression Spring

Compression Spring

Compression spring assisted operation. No oil.

Electric control


Can be supplied with associated control panels & accessories.

Hydraulic control


Operating cylinders can fit into smaller installed spaces.

Pneumatic operation


Clean and efficient way to operate Surespan roof hatches.

Solar panels


Can be connected to purpose made panel.


Additional Control Features

Control Unit

Control Unit

Electrical Control Unit.

Domestic Push Button


Push button for domestic use.

Domestic Key Switch


Key switch for domestic use.

Industrial Push button


Push button for industrial use.

Industrial Key switch


Key switch for industrial use.


Additional Control Features

Emergency Stop Button


Emergency stop button.

Key Switch


Key switch.

Fire alarm opening command


Fire alarm opening command.


Additional Control Features

Electrical Control Panel


Electrical control panel.

Push Button


Push button.


Additional Control Features

Emergency Stop Button


Electrical Control Panel.

Key Switch


Key switch.


Locking options

Standard cablock and tee key


Standard cablock and Tee key.

Locking padlock box


Locking padlock box - additional security.

Electrical interlock


Electrical interlock - micro switch.

Shoot bolt lock


Shoot bolt lock - internal only.

Cam lock


Additional cam lock to ensure positive sealing.

Electrical locking box


Electrical locking box linked to a BMS system.

Concealed dead lock


Concealed dead lock with cover plate.

Emergency panic release handle


Emergency panic release handle.


Facta Class

Please specify your loading requirements. See FACTA table for full details.

Facta class A

Class A

Facta class AA

Class AA

Facta class AAA

Class AAA

Facta class B

Class B

Facta class C

Class C

Facta class D

Class D

Facta class E

Class E



Retractable safety grid


Retractable safety grid.

RetractabLE Extension


Retractab ladder extension.

Retractable hand hold


Retractable hand hold.

Fixed external hand hold


Fixed external hand hold 1100 high.

Retractable single post


Retractable hand hold single post.

Standard ladder


Standard ladder.

Ladder with cage


Standard ladder with cage.

Ladder with retractable lower section


Ladder with retractable lower section.

ZIP ladder


Retractable ZIP ladder.

Standard ship ladder


Standard ship ladder.

Ship ladder with platform


Ship ladder & platform.

Hinged ship ladder


Hinged ship ladder.

Fold away ship ladder


Fold away ship ladder.

SL Ladder within aperture

SL Ladder

Within ceiling aperture.


Optional Features

Fire rated access hatches


3 hours fire resistance.

Acoustic access hatches

Acoustic Performance

Sound reduction of 45db Rw.

Powder coated hatches

Powder Coating

Underside powder coating (RAL colours).

Stainless Steel Hatch

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel floor access hatch.

Viewing window

Viewing Window

Glass viewing window.

Drainage channel

Drainage Connection

Water drainage channel.



Non-slip surface finish.

Pull handle

Pull Handle

Additional pull handle.

Concealed gas spring


Concealed gas spring.

Pressure sensitive edge


Pressure sensitive edge.

Biocote antimicrobial coating


Antimicrobial technology.

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EHDC Floor Hatch

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Suregrip Non-Slip surface coating

Surespan floor access covers can be manufactured using calcined bauxite, a special surfacing material which has been independently tested and proven to provide high friction contact. It has been specially developed to provide an aesthetically pleasing, high durable surface.

Suregrip is available in on any size floor access cover and can be customized for any application, logo or signature which can be provided in a range of colours.

This can also be applied to Surespan's IAC Floor Hatches.

Suregrip non-slip coating

Drainage connection

Surespan Heavy Duty access hatch is not watertight, although a self draining cover is available. Any water passing the seals will be dispersed via integral drainage channel, which is fitted with an optional internal or external ¾ inch flexible hose adaptor (for connection to drain by others.)

This can also be applied to Surespan's E Class Heavy Duty Floor Hatches.

Water drainage


E Class Heavy Duty Floor Access Covers can be used individually or as multiples. It is possible to open each lid individually.

Available in standard sizes only.

Endurance CAD drawing

Endurance combinations

Hot Tub Covers

Surespan single leaf hot tub covers allow you to have a hot tub within even the smallest terraced areas. When not in use, the cover conceals the hot tub, so you can use the space for entertaining or dining.

When you fancy a dip, simply press a button and the hot tub cover opens to reveal your sunken hot tub.

Surespan's hot tub covers are custom made to match your decking, paving or tiling and can fit any size or shaped tub. They are child-safe as they can only be opened by a key switch or remote control.

Hot tub cover
Hot tub floor cover

Timber floor cover
Hot tub

Hot tub covers are heavy items that should be moved using two people. Surespan's electrically operated hot tub covers enable one person to easily open and close their spa with the push of a single button. Our hot tub covers also hide the hot tub neatly out of the way providing extra room for entertaining. Hot tub covers are susceptible to damage if they are abused; the best way to keep yours in good condition is to fit an electrically operated hot tub cover.

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