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FD Floor Ducting

Floor Ducting


Fast and easy to install - the modular nature of system allows for pre-fabricated sections and corners to be made up.

Moveable anchor points - profile design allows the anchor lugs to be moved to any point along the length of the section, accommodating inaccuracies in pre-cast pockets and easily allowing the addition of extra lugs if required.

Cost effective - the flexibility of the system, together with its ease of installation, drastically reduces time in comparison to traditionally fabricated systems and eliminates fabrication errors and expensive mistakes on site.


View the FACTA Loadings Table here

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Fitting InstructionFitting

Standard Features

  • Custom made to any size
  • Rated up to FACTA Class E vehicle loading
  • Manufactured from high grade aluminium
  • Moveable anchor points
  • Prefabricated modular sections
  • Rw25dB acoustic rated
  • Easy to install



Ducting installation step 1

1. Slide retaining lugs and special nut sections into curbing.

Ducting installation step 2

2. Offer curbing to rebate.

Ducting installation step 3

3. Check alignment with template as shown and grout complete curbing assembly in position.

Ducting installation step 4

4. Position flooring plates, align nuts with predrilled flooring plates and bolt flooring down.


Custom made to any size

Floor ducting is custom made to any size. Please specify the width and length of your hatch below.

Custom size



Please specify the depth and infill that you require (depth between 3mm and 100mm; infill supplied by others).

Hatch with standard metal deck liner


Hatch without curb


Hatch with curb liner


Hatch with mesh liner


Hatch with standard metal deck liner


Hatch without curb


Hatch with curb liner


Hatch with mesh liner

Natural Stone

Hatch with standard metal deck liner


Hatch with standard metal deck liner

Artificial Grass


Facta Class

Please specify your loading requirements. See FACTA table for full details.

Facta class A

Class A

Facta class AA

Class AA

Facta class AAA

Class AAA

Facta class B

Class B

Facta class C

Class C

Facta class D

Class D

Facta class E

Class E


Optional Features

Fire rated access hatches


3 hours fire resistance.

Acoustic access hatches

Acoustic Performance

Sound reduction of 45db Rw.

Powder coated hatches

Powder Coating

Underside powder coating (RAL colours).

Stainless Steel Hatch

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel floor access hatch.



Non-slip coating.

Biocote antimicrobial coating


Antimicrobial technology.

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EHDC Floor Hatch

Your specification

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  • Class A
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Suregrip Non-Slip surface coating

Surespan floor access covers can be manufactured using calcined bauxite, a special surfacing material which has been independently tested and proven to provide high friction contact. It has been specially developed to provide an aesthetically pleasing, high durable surface.

Suregrip is available in on any size floor access cover and can be customized for any application, logo or signature which can be provided in a range of colours.

This can also be applied to Surespan's IAC Floor Hatches.

Suregrip non-slip coating


Surespan floor ducting can be recessed to accommodate any type of infill, from vinyl to granite.

As part of the initial enquiry, the weight of the infill must be advised to enable us to determine the method of operation.

Vinyl infill

Coppice Performing Arts School

Example ductying layout

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