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Speed Klamp Fittings


Surespan's Speed Klamp roof handrailing system is manufactured from galvanised 'Slip-on' fittings.

This combination offers the most cost effective handrail system for replacement or new installations to 'match the life of your building'. Freestanding roof handrail or fixed rails offer the ultimate edge guard system to complete your roof access requirements.

Standard Features

  • Simple, immediate assembly
  • Aluminium tube and galvanised fittings
  • Freestanding handrail or fixed roof rails
  • Ready for replacement or new installations
  • Polyester powder coating

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SpeedKlamp Fittings

Handrail Tee Joint

Tee Joint

Cross Joint Handrail fitting
IC Cross Joint
Raking Joint Handrail System
RT Raking Joint
Top Elbow Rail Fitting
90 90 Top Elbow
Horizontal GuardKlamp Rail
90 90 Horizontal Elbow
Bottom Fitting Handrail Elbow
90 90 Bottom Elbow
42 Degree Elbow Joint
135 Elbow
Swivel Joint 180 degrees to 90
S180/90 Swivel
Adjustable Hand Rail Wall Bracket
Adjustable Wall Bracket
Offset Bracket for Handhold Rail
Adjustable offset Post Bracket
Tee Branch Rail Systems
Tee Branch
Articulated Tee Branch for Hand Rail
Adjustable Articulated Tee
Side mounted safety rail
Side mounted Bracket 2 piece
Side Mounted Bracket 2 hole
Handrail Side Mount
Side Mounted Bracket 2 hole
Hand Rail Floor Fixing
Base Flange
Base Flange 2 Fixings
Base Flange 2 Hole
4 Fixing Base Flange
Base Flange 4 Hole

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