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Hydraulic Hatches

Hydraulic operation

Our large or heavy duty access covers can be hydraulically operated. Hydraulic cylinders provide a higher power-to-size ratio compared to electric actuators, meaning operating cylinders can fit into smaller installed spaces.

Surespan's basic hydraulic system comprises of operating cylinders with a hand pump and operates from topside or underneath. A typical access cover panel would take approximately 60 seconds to open from a closed position. Closing is achieved by releasing the hydraulic oil from the cylinder; the weight of the cover is sufficient to push the cylinder closed.


Standard Features

  • Integrated hydraulic cylinders
  • Hand pump as a standard
  • 60 seconds close/open cycle
  • Closing using self weight

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Electrically Operated Hydraulic System

Electrically operated hydraulic system comprises of a basic system with the addition of an electrical driven pump cover unit with control valves and electrical control panel.

A typical system comprises of a 0.75kW single phase electric motor with solenoid valve and associated electric direct online starter and control. Generally the access hatch is simply operated using an open/close push button.

Multiple access covers can be provided with individual hydraulic controls or with a centralised hydraulic power unit and manifold serving multiple access control. Hydraulic systems are designed to suit customer needs - this can include emergency stored power systems that can operate a cover to fail-safe position on mains power failure.

Large double leaf floor hatch

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