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SHP Ships Ladder

Ships Surespan Ladder


Our SHP Ships Ladders manufactured from aluminium and are compatible with the Surespan size 8 Speed Klamp magnesium alloy handrail and fittings. Ladders and safety rails can be supplied polyester powder coated or with a mill finish. The ladders are designed for use in the 65° to 75° range. All Surespan access systems and fire escapes are designed in accordance with BS EN 14122-2 and comply with relevant Building Regulations.

Consult Surespan's technical literature for details. Surespan can also provide a design and specification service - please consult us early in the design process.

Standard Features

  • Custom made to any size
  • Safe tread chequer plate aluminum treads
  • Preformed stringers set 450mm to 550mm apart
  • Treads between 225mm to 255mm
  • Min dimension between handrails 540mm
  • Tread 100mm min. wide
  • 250mm handrail for 65°
  • 100mm handrail for 75°
  • 1200mm min head clearance
  • Tread rise 225mm to 255mm
  • Standard landing platform for ladders over 3m high
  • Bespoke designs available


Featured Options

Featured Options

Hinged ships ladder


Retractable lower section

More details >>
Fold away ladder


Fold away ladder

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Custom made to any size

Floor to Floor Height
Custom size

Ladder Type

Ladder Type

Ship ladder


Standard Ships Ladder.

Ladder with platform


Ladder with Landing Platform.

Walk over ladder


Upon Over Ship Ladder.

Double ladder


Double Ship Ladder.

Hinged ladder


Hinged Ships Ladder.

Fold away ladder


Fold away ladder.

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Standard Ship Ladder

Your specification

  • SHP Height unspecified
  • Standard Ship Ladder

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  • Specification
  • Headroom Clearance
  • Ladder Angles
  • Hinged Ladder
  • Fold Away Ladder
  • Ladder with Roof Hatch

SHP Ladder Specification

Standard Ship Ladder specification

Headroom Clearance with Different Floor Depths

Headroom Clearance

Suitable Ladder Angles

Standard Ship Ladder specification

SLC/RS Retractable Lower Section

Top hung fold away ship type access ladder 2000 high with a retractable lower section. The ladder can be designed to sit at 70° when opened out. Top or side hung bracket provided.

Hinged ladder

SHP/FAL Fold Away Ladder

Fold away ladders for restricted floor spaces.

Fold away ladder

Ships Ladder with Roof Hatch and Side Door

Surespan Ships Ladders can be designed to incorporate a top opening roof hatch with a side door to ease entry and exit. Contact Surespan Sales for further information.

Ship ladder with roof hatch Ship ladder with side gate

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