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SL Access Ladders

Standard Surespan Ladder


Surespan ladders are designed specifically for use where safe, vertical access is required. The standard designs of the ladder together with the range of accessories give specifiers flexibility and choice. All ladders and fire escapes comply with relevant building regulations or safety standards.

Stringers are made from size 8 structural tube (48.3 o/d) set 400mm apart with surespan safegrip serrated rungs at 250mm centres. Cage is made from 50mm x 5mm flat hoops set at a maximum 900mm centres with 6 no. vertical straps with caged nuts. Cage will be extended from 2.4m from the ground level. Stays will be positioned at a maximum of 2400mm centres.

Surespan access ladders can be powder coated to match the façade of the building.

Specification Info

  • SL - Standard Fixed Ladder
  • SLC - SL with cage
  • SL/WT - SL with walk through
  • SLC/WT - SLC and walk through
  • SL/PS - SL with parapet stepover
  • SLC/RS - SLC retractable lower section

Standard Features

  • Custom made to any size
  • Size 8 structural tube stringers (48.3 o/d)
  • Stringers set 400mm apart
  • Safegrip serrated rungs at 250mm centres
  • Cage from 50mm x 5 mm flat hoops
  • Cage extended from 2.4m from the ground level
  • Standard cage for ladders over 2.5m high
  • Landing platforms at 6m maximum
  • SK46 Speed Klamp base flanges as standard
  • Angle of inclination 75° - 90°
  • 900 max. centres of hoops
  • 230mm space between the ladder and the wall
  • Bespoke designs available



Featured Options

Retractable lower sections


Retractable lower section

More details >>
Retractable handhold


Retractable handhold for use in manholes

More details >>
Fold away ladder


Fold away ladder

More details >>
Ladder guard


Padlockable ladder guard

More details >>
Wall mounted ladder guard


Wall mounted ladder guard

More details >>


Custom made to any size

Custom size

Ladder Type

Ladder Type

Standard ladder


Standard Ladder.

Ladder with cage


Standard Ladder with Cage.

Walk through


Standard Ladder with Walk Through.

Cage and walk through


Standard Ladder with Cage and Walk Through.

Stepover platform


Standard Ladder with Walk Through and Parapet Stepover Platform.

Retractable ladder


Standard Ladder and Cage with Retractable Lower Section.

Fold away ladder


Fold away ladder.

Optional Features

Optional Features

Ladder cage

Ladder Cages

Optional mesh lined cage for ladders over 2.5m.

Landing platforms

Landing Platforms

Recommended for ladders over 6m.

Security closure

Security Closure

Padlock security closure for caged ladders.

Ladder guard

LG2 Ladder Guard

Padlockable ladder guard 2m long.

Ladder guard

LG25 Ladder Guard

Padlockable ladder guard 2.5m long.

Wall mounted ladder guard

LGW2 - Wall Mounted

Padlockable wall mounted ladder guard 2m long.

Wall mounted ladder guard

LGW25 - Wall Mounted

Padlockable wall mounted ladder guard 2.5m long.

Retractable hand hold

Retractable Hand Hold

Retractable safety hand hold.

Powder coated hatches

Powder Coating

Powder coating to any standard RAL colour.

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Standard Ladder

Your specification

  • SL Height unspecified
  • Standard Ladder
  • None specified

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  • Specification
  • Retractable Ladder
  • Retractable Handhold
  • Ladder Guard

SLC/WT Ladder Specification

Standard Ladder specification

SLC/RS Retractable Lower Section

The retractable SureSlide mechanism allows the lower section to slide up and down with ease. The lower section can be released from the top of the ladder for escape from the roof.

Operation from below can be accommodated. Polyester powder coating available to match the fabric of the building.

Retractable ladder

SLC/RH Retractable Handhold

The retractable handhold provides an efficient and economic method of improving the safety and convenience of ladder access.

Retractable hand hold

SL/LG Ladder Guard

The padlockable ladder guard designed to fit onto our SL ladders to prevent unauthorised use. Wall mounted version available. LG2 - 2m long, LG25 - 2.5m long.

Ladder Guard
Wall mounted Ladder Guard

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