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Sun Tunnel Sun Pipe

Sun Pipe Flat Roof

Sun Tunnels

Sun tunnels are designed to bring natural daylight into areas that might not benefit from windows.

Sun Pipes collect daylight from domes placed on top of the roof and reflects it down a highly reflective super silver finished aluminium tube through a diffuser located at ceiling level which distributes the light evenly within the room. Producing a brightly lit space below reducing potential energy costs and improving the health and well-being of individuals.

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Standard Features

  • Sustained 98% Reflectance
  • Super Silver Mirror finish aluminium tube
  • Double Glazed Ceiling Diffuser
  • Up to 14995 lumen output in full summer sun
  • Can light up an area up to 30m2
  • Reduce your energy usage and carbon footprint


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  • Sun pipe System
  • Light Output
  • Key Elements

Technical Breakdown

  • 1. Diamond Dome Acrylic

  • Maximise the penetration of natural daylight with a 4mm thick high impact resistant acrylic dome designed to capture daylight from morning to early evening sun.

  • 2. Flashing Plate

  • Varies with sun tunnel type however acts as flashing plate for roof installation and is designed to suit a variety of tile and roof finishes.

  • 3. 610mm Extension Pipe

  • 0.5mm Thick anodised aluminium pipe with a Miro silver 27/427OAG finish which maximises light reflections and minimises limit diffusion. Crimped edges allow easy installation to the dome and additional tunnels eliminating light leakage from potential gaps formed.

  • 4. Adjustable Elbow Angle

  • The adjustable elbow is coated in the same Miro silver as the extension pipe however allows the sun tunnel to achieve different routes and angles while limiting the light loss from the elbow angle.

  • 5. 250mm Extension

  • The 610mm plain end pipe is manufactured from 0.5 mm thick anodized aluminium pipe and is coated with MIRO SILVER® 27/427OAG to maximise reflections and limit light diffusion.

  • 6. Plywood backing plate/template

  • uAllows installer to 'mark out' the opening at ceiling level and to provide additional structural fixing for the diffuser.

  • 7. 250mm Extension Tube

  • The 250mm ceiling extension is manufactured from 0.5mm thick anodized aluminium pipe and is coated with MIRO SILVER® 27/427OAG to maximise reflections and limit light diffusion. This provides a permanent joint between the diffuser and plain end pipe.

  • 8. 3 Piece Ceiling Diffuser

  • The double glazed microprism diffuser is designed to offer excellent thermal performance whilst ensuring maximum spread of natural daylight within the space and an even light distribution. The trim is supplied in white as standard. 230mm Sunlumes are provided with a 3-piece polycarbonate diffuser.

  • 9. Fitting & Installation Kit

  • The installation pack contains silicone sealant, screws, sealed rivets, neoprene washers, brushed nylon condensation seal, aluminium tape and universal installation instructions.

Diameter Full Summer Sun
105 Klux
Overcast Summer
45 Klux
Overcast winter
Area Lit
Lux Value
Lumen Output
Lux Value
Lumen Output
Lux value
Lumen Output

230mm 360 2160 170 1045 65 670 7.5m²
300mm 760 4460 330 1940 130 760 14m²
457mm 1820 10770 750 4410 300 1768 22m²
530mm 2530 14995 1050 6265 430 2550 30m²

High performance dome

Diamond Dome

High impact acrylic diamond dome. The uniquely designed shape enables the Sun pipe to collect daylight from different angles throughout the day maximizing performance. The material provides a self cleanign surface reducing maintenance requirements

Super reflectivity

Super reflective sun tunnel

Aluminium PVD coated sunpipes. BRE independent test has proven that this Sun tube maintains its reflectance value over 5 years compared with competitors which use a plastic laminate film.

Beautifully Diffused

Choice of diffusers

Our diffuers distribute light evenly throughout the room eliminating bright spots and proviindg a naturally lit space. Stylish diffusers are available to further customise and personalise your desired look.

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