Surespan SRHP Thermally broken roof hatch. 50mm insulation offering a U-value of 0.43 W/m²K. Manufactured from aluminium. Available in sizes:
600 x 600 | 750 x 750 | 750 x 900 | 900 x 900 |1000 x 1000 | 1500 x 750 | 1200 x 1200 | 2500 x 750 | 3300 x 750
Bespoke ___ x ____.

With curb liner and L01 internal Cablock as standard. Can be powder coated internally and externally.

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Open Smoke Vent

Roof SRH Sizes

Prod. RefStructural OpeningWeight
SRHP/TB 60.60600 x 60042kg
SRHP/TB 75.75750 x 75054kg
SRHP/TB 90.75750 x 90058kg
SRHP/TB 90.90900 x 90060kg
SRHP/TB 100.1001000 x 100066kg
SRHP/TB 75.1401500 x 75075kg
SRHP/TB 120.1201200 x 120094kg
SRHP/TB 75.2502500 x 750135Kg
SRHP/TB 75.3303300 x 750160kg
L01 Internal Lock
L01 Internal Lock
L04 External Lock
L04 External Lock
L07 Deadlock
L07 Deadlock

Ladder Access



Surespan SRHP Roof Hatch with ZIP Retractable Ladder, extended skirt liner and a jakdor ceiling access panel.



SRHP Roof Hatch with Fixed vertical ladder, safety cage and retractable handhold



SRHP Roof Hatch with SHP Companionway Ladder available in a variety of applications.


Fixed Vertical Ladder

  • Roof hatches should be easily operated while retaining safe points of contact. For a rule of thumb we highly recommend 3 points of contact onto the ladder at all times.
  • The size of the roof hatch should be at least 900 x 750 to offer enough headroom for the user.
  • Ladder should be positioned opposite the hinge side so the lid is behind the user (size permitting) or to the side.
  • Consideration must be given for external hand holds and handrails to offer further support for exiting and entering the roof void.



SHIPS Companionway ladder

  • Roof hatches with a SHIPS ladder should provide a minimum headroom clearance of 1200 according to BS 5395.
  • Single line hand rail must be included either side of the ladder
  • The ladders are designed for use in the 65° to 75° range.
  • Heights over 3 metres require an intermediate platform
  • Consideration must be given for external hand holds and handrails to offer further support for exiting and entering the roof void.



ZIP Retractable ladder

  • The ZIP ladder is to be mounted at the lowest point of the aperture
  • A further 50mm must be allowed if it is to be used with a Jakdor access panel
  • ZIP 4 – 7 ladders are available up to a height of 3.39m
  • A bespoke ZIP 8 is available for heights above 2.5m and is povided with an integral wooden trap door. The ZIP8 allows top down operation.
  • The minimum dimension for a ZIP ladder is 640mm without a ceiling panel or 740mm with a ceiling panel
  • Wall mouned rungs if required have a minimum spacing of 220mm