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Ep 1: Roof Access

Run Time: 14 Minutes

Categories: Roof Access, Ladders, Safety & Regulations

Welcome to the first of its kind, Bitesize CPD.

A short pre-recorded video which highlights what options should be considered when specifying roof hatches and ladders. Covering in depth the available operation methods, locking, finishes, safety considerations and much more making it easier for you to specify a working solution.

The roof hatch is not just a square box on the roof. You need to consider what is the minimum size you can specify for safe use, how will it safely be operated by an end user and how they will access it? Is it accessed via a retractable ladder or fixed vertical ladder, and what are they accessing for? What restrictions do you have on site and how can you best utilise the space provided ensuring safe means of access?

All these questions will be answered and more.

Ep 2: Safe Ladder Access

Run Time: 11 Minutes

Categories: Ladders, Safety & Regulations, Roof Access

Welcome to our Bitesize CPD on Ladder Access Solutions.

Work at height is the biggest single cause of fatal and serious injury in the construction industry. Over 60% of deaths during work at height involve falls from ladders, scaffolds, working platforms, roof edges.

This Bitesize CPD acts as a useful reference tool for specifying a safe and compliant ladder solutions. Ideal for roof access and maintenance. The video covers 3 main types of ladders including fixed vertical ladders, Ships ladders and retractable loft ladders.

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Ep 3: Bespoke Floor Access

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