Floor Trenching and Ducting

What is floor ducting?

Floor ducting systems are designed for use when installing pipes, pipework and cable routing within solid floors such as timber, screed and tiles. Once the trench is created and the pipework completed, a floor duct allows simple, lift out access when in need of repairs and maintenance.

If you have a timber floor system, a servicing duct can easily fit within your joists for easy access to the pipes or cables. The lift out design allows for small sections to be lifted out for easy access and inspection. The duct cover can be recessed to take a timber floor infill providing a hidden appearance or the cover can be an aluminium chequer plate lid for example in more industrial settings where aesthetics is not as important.

Surespan Floor ducts can be made to suit loadings up to a huge 16 tonne without the need for a concrete or screed infill. The floor door is designed to take the loading without this concrete infill. This comes in a checker plate option or a recessed lid to take the floor type within the metal lid.  

The floor ducting is easy to install with modular sections where the channel frame can be cut to size on site. Moveable anchor points can be inserted into the curb frame for flexible fixing points. Corner angles can also be inserted making any change of angle along the trench easy.

Manufactured from a high grade yet lightweight aluminium material, floor ducting can be made to suit the project requirements in easy-to-lift out modular sections. Where needed, the ducts can also be manufactured in stainless steel grade 304 or 316.

With sensitive equipment, ducting covers can be offered with an insulated finish ensuring any heat transfer is reduced. Insulation is housed within cladding under the lid allowing for both pan type and flush designs further improving performance of the insulated material around the pipe.Brid

Similarly, if pipework passes through a sound resisting floor, the duct can be provided with a layer of sound reduction materials sometimes eliminating the need to surround pipes in sound insulation.

A range of accessories can be provided for Surespan FD ducting including corner sections cut to any angle allowing for an infinite run of ductcovers. Ducts can be a combination of lengths to tailor the run to the pipework requirements and weight.

How to install Floor Ducting?

Surespan ducts for floors are easy to install providing a sufficient rebate for the prefabricated modular sections. Slide the supplied fixing lugs into the frame and position as needed for fixing into the rebate. Corner angles can be inserted where additional sections can be added on for any change of direction. The ducting is supplied with removable templates allowing easy installation and positioning of the top lid sections. Once the frame is fixed into the rebate, lower the sections onto the frame and secure down using an Allen key. The curb frame can be cut on site to tailor the solutions to the exact measurements.

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