Companionway Ladders – Also known as Ships Ladders

What are companionway ladders? (also known as ships ladders).

Companionway ladders are part stair and part ladder. They typically have a slope of  65° and 75° (from the horizontal) which provides more stability, whilst still maintaining the flexibilty to suit most internal and external locations. They allow for safe and convenient access in mechanical or service spaces and can provide alternative access solutions where a vertical ladder is not suitable and there is not enough space for a staircase to be installed.

Using a Companionway Ladder alongside our Roof Hatches.

When used alongside a roof hatch, the minimum structural opening size is generally 1500 x 750mm but this will vary depending on the height of the ladder and depth of the ceiling level if present.


Best practices and following British Standards.

Our range of companionway ladders are manufactured to the highest standard and comply with national building regulations for safe access. The deeper the roof section the greater the length of the opening required to maintain the required headroom clearance of 1200mm. You must also maintain a clear departure area of 1200mm when alighting the ladder from below. According to the British Standard 14122:2016. The maximum climb height for a single companionway ladder is 3m. If the climb is over 3m a rest platform must be introduced every 3m but can be situated at any point along the 3m section. This platform can be supported by vertical post or gallows brackets back to wall.

Surespan Companionway Ladders

We offer various types of companionway / ships ladders which can all be uniquely manufactured in order to comply with national building regulations and suit your exact project requirements.


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