Grand Opera House Belfast

Surespan secures project to supply a 12.2 million restoration project

Surespan, a globally renowned supplier of safe access and escape solutions, was chosen to supply its specialised products for a prestigious £12.2 million restoration project at the Grand Opera House Belfast . The project required a 1-hour fire-rated floor access hatch that could seamlessly blend into the desired location while maintaining the highest quality standards. Surespan’s international reputation for providing high-quality, fire-rated products and its extensive experience with prestigious projects were crucial factors in securing the contract.

Project Selection:

The reputation of Surespan as a leading provider of high-quality, fire-rated products was a key factor in the selection process. Tom Davies Commercial Director at Surespan, highlights “We are one of the few manufacturers worldwide offering a fire-rated floor access hatch” This unique capability, coupled with Surespan’s international reputation for excellence in working on prestigious projects, no doubt made us the preferred choice for the Grand Opera House Belfast restoration project”

Final Product and Implementation:

After careful consideration and collaboration with the contractor, Surespan delivered a customized 1-hour fire-rated floor access hatch that perfectly met the client’s requirements. The hatch’s recessed design allowed it to blend seamlessly into the carpeted application, providing a minimalist and aesthetically pleasing solution.

Project Scope:

Surespan was approached by the lead Architects responsible for managing the restoration of the Grand Opera House Belfast. The client’s primary requirement consisted of a 1-hour fire-rated hatch that measured 1200 x 1200mm, with a recessed design allowing for carpet infill within the lid. To maintain a minimalist look, the client also specified a polished stainless steel visible frame and hinge for the access hatch, ensuring it seamlessly blended into the carpeted surroundings.

Collaboration with the Contractor and Technical Support:

Surespan’s sales team played a pivotal role in the project by working closely with the contractor to understand their specific needs and requirements. This collaborative approach allowed them to provide tailored solutions that met the project’s demands effectively. Additionally, the technical team at Surespan actively engaged with the contractor to ensure all specifications were thoroughly understood and successfully fulfilled.


This restoration project stands as a testament to Surespan’s expertise in delivering safe access and escape solutions for prestigious ventures. Their international reputation for providing top-quality, fire-rated products and their collaborative approach with the contractor played a crucial role in the successful implementation of the specialised floor access hatch. As Surespan continues to showcase its commitment to excellence, it remains a reliable partner for complex restoration projects worldwide.

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