Halley VI


Surespan designed and manufactured multiple recessed floor access hatches, for the construction of the Halley VI British Antarctic Research Station.

Products supplied

Surespan design and manufactured a total of 27 HIAC Recessed Floor Hatches. These hatches provide the access an escape requirement for the structure and are located throughout the research station.

We supplied;

  • 12no HIAC DL/FR30 1180 x 1070
  • 7no HIAC DL /FR30 1180 x 1070
  • 3no HIAC 800 Diameter FR30
  • 4no HIAC 750 x 750 Lift Out FR60
  • 1no. HIAC 1000 x 1000 FR30


The Features:

The hatches supplied feature a fire rating of between 30-60 minutes and radius corners instead of the standard square corners. 

The project

The £22 million unique and innovative research station was designed by Faber Maunsell and Hugh Broughton Architects, and built by Matlock-based Morrison Construction.


  • Minimize the environmental footprint of the station.
  • Provide a safe, comfortable, and stimulating environment to live in.
  • To be able to be fully relocatable inland.
  • To allow the station to climb above the annually rising snow levels.


The research station comprises seven interlinked modules on hydraulic legs fitted with skis, enabling the units to be towed into new positions. The blue modules contain bedrooms, laboratories, and office areas. The red module features a brightly lit, double-height space that is used for social activities.

Halley Vi is the world’s first re-locatable and award-winning research facility providing scientists with state-of-the-art laboratories and living accommodation.

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