New AOV for Fire Safety

Fire safety is so important and it’s vital to make sure you have the correct smoke ventilation for your property.  Smoke is the primary cause of death in a fire more often than flames with around 50 -80% of deaths. A big cloud of smoke can travel faster through a building than any fire, completely obscuring escape routes as it does so. There is not just damage caused by the poisons in the smoke itself, but by burns to the respiratory system with irritation and swelling compounding the problems.

Fire Safety

AOV Smoke Vents

Smoke Control systems ventilate smoke from a fire which reduces its spread, clears escape routes and makes it easier for fire fighters to get closer to the blaze and put it out quicker.

Surespan  AOV Smoke Vents minimise fatalities by detecting smoke and opening up to a 140˚ angle, which stays open to ensure that heat is diverted away from the opening and cannot be blown back into the building by wind. The cover opens to its fully open position within 60 seconds of activation. Our 140˚ smoke vent is operated by a 24v DC actuator and are all supplied CE marked.

EN12101-2 is the European standard for smoke and heat control systems. According to the regulations, from July 2013, all natural smoke and heat ventilators must be tested and CE marked in order to confirm compliance with harmonised European standards.

The main purpose of the compliance tests and CE marking is to ensure that all AOV’s are reliable and fit for purpose. The CE Mark also allows free movement of products within the European Market. Our AOV’s are sold with these key features:

  • CE Marked to EN12101-2
  • Thermally Broken Frame
  • Custom made to any size up to 3000mm x 1800mm
  • Available in glazed, solid top and/or with concealed actuators
  • 300mm Upstand
  • Can be wired direct into the BMS or FAS system


The thermally broken lid incorporates an unbroken bubble and blade seal. Insulation comprises a sandwich of 50mm of CFC and HCFC free Polyisocyanurate insulation which offers a U-Value of 0.43W/m²K to BS3958: Part 5: 1986.

Note: Alternative no cost option for Non-combustible mineral wool installation rated at 0.63 W/m²K for lid and upstand.

The hatch is designed to support a live load of 200kg/m² and a maximum deflection of 1/150th of the span.


Standard height of upstand: 300mm – Insulation as above.

Aluminium Curb liner fitted as standard, beneficial for site applications where hot applied weather proofing systems are being used.

Wind Deflecters:  

Wind deflectors included


Aluminium extrusion will be 6063T6 for sheet will be 1050 H14, Self-colour.

Single colour or two colour powder coating options available.

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