Surespan head ‘Downtown’ For Doha Project

Surespan and Jakdor are manufacturing nearly 500 stainless steel access panels in a wide variety of bespoke, tailor-made sizes. Using Grade 316 and 304 stainless steel, these panels feature everything from 3 point locking systems to 120 minute fire rated classifications.

Bespoke Stainless Steel Access Panels

The largest panel comes in at a size of 2700 x 1600mm which has been manufactured as a double door, hinged on the long side. The vast majority of panels are as plasterboard door and beaded frame so will be concealed in the wall once installed and plastered over. Bespoke Roof Access Hatches.

Downtown Phase 1C will comprise a total constructed area of 2.21 million square feet, more than half of which (1.31 million) will be in a three-level underground facility. Surespan have supplied a number of bespoke electrically operated glazed and solid lid roof hatches, including a large 4462 x 6654mm glazed electric roof hatch for rooftop access and maintenance.

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