Reasons to use our Smoke Vents

What is a smoke vent?

Fires are deadly, smoke even more so. Over 50% of all fire related deaths are due to smoke. In its simplest form an automatic opening smoke vent (Sometimes referred to as an AOV), is a device fitted onto a roof (Usually above a stairwell), that will allow smoke to escape providing a safer means of escape.

Did you know the person responsible for a building must take steps to ensure that it is fire safe? A vital part of fire safety for any commercial building, smoke vents can:

  • Save lives by reducing smoke inhalation and keeping fire escape routes free from smoke
  • Provide a smoke free area for fire fighters tackling the blaze
  • Enables the fire to be tackled at earlier stages
  • Reduce internal smoke damage
  • To ensure safe escape for occupants


A note about legal compliance:

EN12101-2 is the UK and European standard for smoke and heat control systems. According to the regulations, from July 2013, all natural smoke and heat ventilators must be tested and CE marked in order to confirm compliance with harmonised European standards.

The main purpose of the compliance tests and CE marking is to ensure that all AOV’s are reliable and fit for purpose.

Why Surespan?

Surespan realised early on, the importance of enabling smoke to escape during a fire. We have been manufacturing our Smoke and heat exhaust ventilators for over 20 years, way before they became a legal requirement. We were one of the first companies to offer a bespoke aov solution capable of going up to sizes such as 3000 x 1800mm. We have not rested on our laurels either, further developments bring Non-Combustible mineral wool insulation to the forefront of building design while our remarkable Exi-Vent design provides a safe means of roof access from a staircase whilst also providing a lifesaving smoke ventilator in a neat combined unit.

Keen to offer the absolute best in features and performance, all of our bespoke AOVs are thermally broken eliminating condensation. We believe in easy installation too so an external curb liner is supplied as standard allowing your roof membrane to be adhered direct to the upstand.

We are pleased to offer our ventilators in multiple designs as well including, glazed smoke vent, polycarbonate smoke vent and insulated aluminium AOV.

And to top it all off, all of our smoke vents are manufactured right here in the UK.

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