Ferrari World


Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi is the worlds first Ferrari theme park. The park includes 37 different rides and attractions and features the worlds fastest rollercoaster “Formula Rossa” – reaching 240 km/h in 4.9 seconds.  The park has been open since 2010 and has been nominated for numerous awards. 

Products supplied

Due to restricted space, Ferrari World would’ve struggled to maintain their rollercoaster carts. We supplied multiple hatches including; 

This would allow for easy maintenance of the rollercoaster carts. We supplied the SLHP sliding roof hatch. 5400 x 4000mm structural opening. The lid is designed to slide across the width (4000mm) on runners sitting on the roof and the hatch is operated by a 230v geared motor. The lid and upstand are filled with 50mm thick CFC and HCFC free polyisocyanurate insulation which offers a U-Value of 0.43 W/m2K. The hatch was designed to sit on a 150mm wide upstand (by others). 

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