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The new thermally broken sliding roof hatch opens horizontally on fixed or telescopic rails. The hatch features the following key points:

  • Thermally Broken Lid & Upstand
  • Fixed or Telescopic Rails
  • ‘Lift-Off’ Unseated Opening
  • Self Sealing Double Seals
  • 0.43 W/m²K U-value

Telescopic sliding covers are ideal for smaller sizes that only require access for maintenance personnel or end users. These are available in sizes up to 750 x 2500. Perfect for manual operation, the sliding cover easily and smoothly opens to provide maximum clear opening for easy access.

Fixed rails are generally used for larger sizes. The fixed rails provide a maximum clear opening ideal for equipment, tools and personnel access. The external rail is fixed down onto the roof and provides structural support for the lid.

Brush seals around the front and side ensure that no roof debris can interfere with the mechanism and the external fixed rail provides an enhanced support for larger sliding covers. The thermally broken lid is filled with polyisocyanurate insulation offering an excellent U-value of 0.43 W/m2K.

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