Polyisocyanurate or Mineral Wool Insulation? SRHPAOV Internal

Polyisocyanurate or Mineral Wool Insulation?

Polyisocyanurate or Mineral Wool Insulation? Ensuring a safe and efficient means of access should be a prioroty for architects. With such a wide variety of roof hatch types it may seem daunting at first to know what you need. Whether it is for just for maintenance or to install equipment into or out of the building. Other common applications for roof hatches include factories, office buildings, shopping centres, and non-residential buildings. All of which may require access to the roof area.

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Surespan are The Key to Success

Surespan supplied a number of circular dome rooflights with triple layers to The Key, situated in the new Science Central development at Newcastle University. These large 1500 (49”) and 2000 (79”) diameter polycarbonate domes feature triple layers providing a U-value of 1.8 W/m²K. The rooflights were supplied with electric opening actuators to allow ventilation to control the temperature of the fabric structure.

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