Bespoke Glazed Sliding Smoke Vent


A first for Surespan, these huge electrically operated sliding glazed roof hatches also provide free airflow of 7m² for smoke ventilation! These bespoke designs were part of a redevelopment on Great Portland Street in London.


London, UK – Great Portland Street – Glazed Sliding Smoke Vents

The covers were 4610 x 1955mm and featured an electrically driven opening motor. The covers provide 7m² free air flow (As it is sliding there are no obstructions to the ventilation) according to approved document B (fire safety) paragraph 5b diagram C.7. The glazing features laminated and heat strengthened low iron glass to L40.

A further fixed rooflight was also supplied to the size of 4935mm x 1955mm, the thermally broken multi-pane rooflight provides natural daylight.

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