SAC Floor Access Door For Biomass Production

Surespan Floor Access Door For Biomass Production offer the ultimate in design; with gas spring assisted aluminium tread plate lid that locks in the open position with a safety hold-open stay to prevent against accidental closure.Manufactured in magnesium alloy with marine alloy frames or, alternatively, stainless steel.

Available from pedestrian rating to D400 loading in all shapes and sizes, with a variety of finishes including polyester powder coating. Double unbroken EPDM seals incorporated in the frame help prevent the ingress of dirt and moisture offering near water and airtight seal. Any water passing the seals will be dispersed via an integral drainage channel, which is fitted with a Tailpiece Adaptor.

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    • Thermally Broken Lid and Upstand
    • Curb Liner
    • Insulation U-Value 0.43 W/m2K
    • Stock and Bespoke Sizes Available
    • Polyester Powder Coated inside and out optional
    • Designed to support a live load of 200 kg/m2
    • 200 or 300mm Upstand
    • Gas Spring Assisted Opening
    • Double Seals

    Suggested Sizes

    Product Ref (SAC) Structural Opening Size Weight (kg)
    60.60 600 x 600 33
    75.75 750 x 750 43
    90.75 900 x 750 47
    90.90 900 x 900 53
    100.100 1000 x 1000 61
    120.120 1200 x 1200 77
    120.180 1200 x 1800 102
    150.150 1500 x 1500 104

    Drainage connection

    Surespan SAC Biomass access hatch is not watertight, although a self draining cover is available. Any water passing the seals will be dispersed via integral drainage channel, which is fitted with an optional internal or external ¾ inch flexible hose adaptor (for connection to drain by others.)



    Available as single or double leaf floor access cover.

    Biomass Cover
    Single Leaf
    Double leaf floor access
    Double leaf

    Mushroom Vents

    Manufactured in stainless steel, the unique design prevents the ingress of rain or foreign bodies, while internal mesh stops deliberate interference and vandalism.

    Mushroom Ventilators can be manufactured to any height to suit your requirements.


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    Walsall, WS2 7NL
    West Midlands, UK
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    Control Options

    Gas Spring Operation

    Standard roof hatch comes complete with gas spring assisted opening to ensure minimum amount of effort to open the double skinned aluminium lid.

    The lid will have the provision to lock in the open position with a safety hold open stay to prevent against accidental closure.

    Concealed gas spring

    Electric Operation


    Can be supplied with associated control panels & accessories.

    Additional Electric Features

    Electric control unit

    Electrical Control Unit.

    Push Button

    Push button for domestic use.

    Key switch for domestic use

    Key switch for domestic use.


    Push button for industrial use.

    Key switch

    Key switch for industrial use.

    Hydraulic Operation

    Hydraulic system comprises of operating cylinders with a hand pump. A typical access cover panel would take approximately 60 seconds to open from a closed position.

    Closing is achieved by releasing the hydraulic oil from the cylinder; the weight of the cover is sufficient to push the cylinder closed.

    Hydraulic operation

    Additional Hydraulic Features


    Electrical Control Panel.


    Push Button

    Pneumatic Operation

    Pneumatics provide a clean and efficient way of operating our hatches in environments where compressed air is freely available or is preferred to hydraulic cylinders or electrical actuators.

    The system comprises of operating cylinders fed from a manual control manifold that can connect to a ring main pneumatic supply.

    Pneumatic operation

    Additional Pneumatic Features


    Electrical Control Panel.

    Key switch for domestic use

    Key Switch.

    Locking Options


    Standard cablock and Tee key.


    Locking padlock box – additional security.


    Electrical interlock – micro switch.


    Shoot bolt lock – internal only.


    Additional cam lock to ensure positive sealing.


    Electrical locking box linked to a BMS system.



    Concealed dead lock with cover plate.


    Emergency panic release handle.

    Optional Features

    Fire rated

    4 hours fire resistance.

    Acoustic rating

    Sound reduction of 45db Rw.

    Powder coating

    Underside powder coating (RAL colours).

    Glass window

    Glass viewing window.

    Retractable safety grid

    Retractable safety grid.

    Stainless steel

    Stainless steel access hatch.

    FACTA Loading Classes

    Class A

    Class A

    Internal and external areas which can only be used by pedestrians or cycles i.e. toilets, changing rooms, footways and cycle tracks.

    Class AA

    Class AA

    Very light industrial areas, where small trolleys and private cars/vans can manouvre i.e. Domestic driveways, trolley parks, hospital wards.

    Class AAA

    Class AAA

    Delivery/service areas, shopping malls, light industrial areas. Light industrial areas, where trolleys and light pallet trucks operate.

    Class B

    Class B

    Pedestrian precincts, forecourts, commercial delivery/parking areas. Factories, industrial plants, where pick-up truck and small pallet truck operates.

    Class C

    Class C

    Factories, industrial plants, special axle loads, kerb side drainage. Industrial areas where pallet and small fork-lift trucks operate.

    Class D

    Class D

    Heavy duty plant areas carriageways and industrial service roads where fast moving HGVs reach speeds of 20mph max. Areas where medium duty fork-lift truck operates.

    Class E

    Class E

    Dockside and container storage areas where heavy transporters operate. Very heavy industrial areas where large heavy duty fork-lift trucks operate.