Drop Down Escape Ladder

In an emergency, this permanently fixed ladder changes from a slim drainpipe like unit into a safe and sturdy means of escape. Just pull out the lock pin, the ladder folds out and transforms into an easy to use solid ladder.

Ladders should be fitted as close to escape window as possible. A connection kit including all drill bits, fixing kits, bolts and plugs are included with each ladder. Available with optional electromagnetic release.

Compliant to BS EN 131-2.
Maximum overall loading 450kg.

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Drop down ladder - emergency escape
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  • Colour matched to drain pipe
  • Release station at different heights
  • Removeable locking pins
  • Instant drop down
  • Manufactured from aluminium
  • Drill bits, fixing kits, bolts and plugs included
  • Any combination of set sizes can be accommodated


Installation video



After unpacking, sections of ladder can be joined together for longer lengths.

Additional Rungs need to be added where two sections are joined.

Measure 400mm from the floor to bottom of ladder.

Measure the overall height of the ladder from your mark.

Drill a hole 60mm deep and fix an alignment bolt 50mm from the top of the ladder.

Support the ladder on the alignment bolt, this will allow the ladder to self plumb.

Punch the position of each wall bracket hole. Brackets can be moved on ladder if required.

Remove ladder and drill pilot holes 80mm deep with 8mm drill provided.

Enlarge holes with 12mm drill provided.

Fit wall plugs into holes.

Rehang ladder on alignment bolt.

Bolt ladder to wall.

Use spacers behind bracket on uneven walls.

Check drop down operation of the ladder.

Every release section is locked with a lock pin, which is pulled in an emergency.

The pins are out of reach of unauthorised access from the ground and are shaped specifically to avoid tampering.

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