Pneumatic Hatch

Our Pneumatic Hatch can be designed to be pneumatically operated. Pneumatics provide a clean and efficient way of operating our hatches in environments where compressed air is freely available or is preferred to hydraulic cylinders or electrical actuators.The Surespan basic system comprises of operating cylinders fed from a manual control manifold that can connect to a ring main pneumatic supply.

The control mainfold can allow speed adjustment of operation based on its function, e.g. normal maintenance access, escape access or smoke ventilation.

Pneumatic Hatch Features

  • Integrated operating cylinders
  • Manual control mainfold as a standard
  • Speed adjustment of operation
  • Closing using self weight


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Spec Sheet

Multiple Access Hatches

Multiple access hatches can be provided with individual pneumatic controls and – where required – a compressor for each access hatch, or with a centralised compressor and mainfold serving multiple access hatches.

Pneumatic systems are designed to suit customer needs. This can include emergency stored power via pressurised storage systems that can operate a cover to fail safe position should mains power fail.

Double leaf biomass fuel doors electrically operated

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