BG Boxed Glazed Roof Terrace Access

Surespan boxed glazed Roof Terrace  access is the perfect option for terraced access. 35.5mm sealed double glazed unit will comprise Pilkington 6mm toughened K polished all round outer pane, 20mm Warm Edge silver spacer Bar argon filled, Pilkington 9.5mm toughened & laminated inner pane. This sealed glazed unit has a U-Value of 1.5 W/m²K.

The opening mechanism for the boxed glazed rooftop access is low noise in operation and has built in <electronic solid-state controls with battery back-up, manual override, speed control.

Note: We recommend all glazed hatches to be installed on a 5° pitch to stop water ponding.

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  • Custom made to any size
  • Thermally broken extruded sections
  • Double glazed 35.5mm Pilkington Laminated Toughened Glass
  • Rw25dB acoustic rated
  • ODP (Ozone Depletion Potential) of 0
  • GWP (Global Warming Potential) of 3
  • Frameless design eliminating water ponding
  • Gas spring assisted operation
  • Hold open stay – against accidental closure
  • Factory pre-assembled and tested

Glass Options

SRHG Glazed Hatches can be manufactured with clear, opaque and smoke glass options. In addition the glass can be self-cleaning or walk on. Contact Surespan Sales for further information on glass specifications.

Self cleaning glass
Self cleaning glass
Smoked glass
Smoked glass
Opaque glass
Opaque glass
Walk on glass
Walk on glass

Hidden Actuators

Roof Hatch with Hidden Actuators

SRHG boxed glazed rooftop access and AOV’s can be manufactured with the actuators hidden from below.

Glazed Access Hatches


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Control Options

Gas Spring Operation

Standard roof hatch comes complete with gas spring assisted opening to ensure minimum amount of effort to open the double skinned aluminium lid.

The lid will have the provision to lock in the open position with a safety hold open stay to prevent against accidental closure.

Concealed gas spring

Electric Operation


Can be supplied with associated control panels & accessories.

Additional Electric Features

Electric control unit

Electrical Control Unit.

Push Button

Push button for domestic use.

Push Button for Industrial Use

Push button for industrial use.

Key switch for domestic use

Key switch for domestic use.

Key Switch for Industrial Use

Key switch for industrial use.

Locking Options

L02 Lock


The lid is held shut by a heavy duty grade 316 stainless steel Cablock.

L02 Lock


Cablock with internal hasp and staple.

L02 Lock


Padlockable external handle and cablock.

L04 Lock


Standard cablock and external handle.

L06 Lock


European deadlock with external key.

L07 Lock


European deadlock with internal and external key.

Upstand Options

200mm upstand

200mm upstand

200mm upstand.


300mm upstand

300mm upstand.

Rain skirt

Rain Skirt

Standard rain skirt.

Extended skirt for pitched roof

Pitched roof

Pitched roof curb liner.


Retractable safety grid

Retractable grid for safety.

Retractable ladder extension

Retractable extension for a ladder.

Retractable ladder extension

Retractable ladder extension.

Retractable ladder extension

Retractable ladder extension.

Retractable ladder extension

Retractable ladder extension.

Standard ladder

Standard ladder.

Caged ladder

Standard ladder with cage.

Retractable ZIP ladder

Retractable ZIP ladder.

Standard Ships Ladder

Standard ship ladder.

Extended skirt

Extended skirt.

Extended skirt - angled

Extended skirt – angled.

Louvered upstand

Louvred upstand.

Optional Features

Powder coated roof hatch

External powder coating to any RAL colour.

140 Automatic Opening Vent

Internal powder coating to any RAL colour.

Rain sensor

Rain sensor activated by rainfall.

Wind sensor

Wind sensor activated by wind.

Concealed gas spring

Concealed gas spring.

Stainless steel

Stainless steel access hatch.

Extended skirt for pitched roof

With an extended skirt.

Roof inline roof hatch

Aligned with roof line.