Stainless Steel Roof Hatch

Perfect for coastal areas and areas with high humidity due to the corrosion resistant properties.Surespan stainless steel Thermally Broken roof access covers are manufactured from grade 304 or grade 316 stainless steel. These hatches are available with an internal powder coat of white as an additional option. Enhanced thermal resistance is also available utilising 50mm of high spec insulation.

The gas spring assisted opening lid is supported by heavy-duty stainless steel hinges and fixings. The 300mm stainless steel upstand with curb liner provides easy installation.

Designed to be easily operated by one person, the hatch features a gas spring assisted opening lid which incorporates a grip handle and safety hold-open stay to prevent against accidental closure.

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  • Manufactured from Stainless Steel
  • Grade 304 or Grade 316
  • Thermally Broken
  • L04 Stainless Steel Padlockable Handle
  • Designed to support a live load of 200 kg/m2
  • 300mm Upstand
  • Hold open stay – against accidental closure
InsulationU-Value Achieved
50mm Standard insulation0.43 W/m²K
50mm Premium insulation0.37 W/m²K
50mm Superior insulation0.20 W/m²K

Standard Sizes

Structural OpeningWeight
600 x 60042kg
750 x 75054kg
750 x 90058kg
900 x 90060kg
1000 x 100066kg
1500 x 100075kg
1200 x 120094kg
2500 x 750135kg
3300 x 750160kg

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Extended Skirt

SRH Roof Hatches can be manufactured with an extended skirt liner. The extended skirt liner can be used on any type of roof and can be provided as a completely assembled unit. This unit comprises of an SRH roof hatch, extended skirt liner, wall mounted rung, vertical fixed ladder and a ZIP retractable ladder.

For metal deck roof applications the extended skirt liner gives an attractive look to unsightly metal edging. In general circumstances it gives a lining to the inside of the aperture.

The JAKDOR ceiling access door is to be fitted once the unit has been fully installed.

The extended skirt liner can be manufactured to your exact requirements. No shape or size has its restrictions.

Standard Application

Extended Roof Hatch

Metal Deck Roof Application

Metal Deck Roof Applications
Control Options

Gas Spring Operation

Fitted as Standard
Concealed gas spring

Standard roof hatch comes complete with gas spring assisted opening to ensure minimum amount of effort to open the double skinned aluminium lid.

The lid will have the provision to lock in the open position with a safety hold open stay to prevent against accidental closure.

Electric Operation


Can be supplied with associated control panels & accessories.

Additional Electric Features

Electric control unit

Electrical Control Unit.

Push button for domestic use.

Key switch for domestic use.

Push button for industrial use.

Key switch for industrial use.

Polished Stainless

Grade 304 polished stainless steel

Stainless steel

Grade 304 satin stainless steel

Polished Stainless

Grade 316 polished stainless steel

Stainless steel

Grade 316 satin stainless steel

Locking Options
Internal Cablock Locking Option

L01 Internal Cablock

Open from inside only

Internal cablock, internal opening only

Locking Hasp Staple


Cablock with internal hasp and staple.

External Handle with padlock

L04 External Padlock Handle and cablock

Padlockable external handle and cablock.

Deadock with internal and external key


European deadlock with external key.

Upstand Options
200mm upstand

200mm upstand

200mm upstand.

300mm upstand

300mm upstand

300mm upstand.

Rain skirt

Rain Skirt

Standard rain skirt.

Pitched roof

Extended skirt for pitched roof

Pitched roof

Pitched roof curb liner.

Roof hatch handrail

Sureguard Handrail

Roof Hatch safety grid retractable

Retractable safety grid

Roof Hatch folding post

Retractable handhold

Foldable hand hold

Retractable single post hand hold

Hand Hold on Roof Hatch

Fixed external handhold.

Standard ladder

Standard ladder.

Caged ladder

Standard ladder with cage.

Retractable ZIP ladder.

Retractable ZIP ladder.

Standard Ships Ladder

Standard ship ladder.

Extended skirt.

Extended skirt.

Extended skirt - angled.

Extended skirt – angled.

Louvered upstand

Louvred upstand.

Optional Features
Powder coated roof hatch

External powder coating to any RAL colour.

140 Automatic Opening Vent

Internal powder coating to any RAL colour.

Rain sensor

Rain sensor activated by rainfall.

Wind sensor

Wind sensor activated by wind.

Fire rated

Up to 1.5 hours fire resistance.

Acoustic rating

Sound reduction of 45db Rw.

Concealed gas spring

Concealed gas spring.

Stainless steel

Stainless steel access hatch.

Walk on glass

Rigid walk-on cover.

Extended skirt for pitched roof

With an extended skirt.

Roof inline roof hatch

Aligned with roof line.

Single Leaf Roof Hatch with ladders

SRH Roof Hatch with SLC/RH Vertical Fixed Ladder with Retractable Handhold.

SRH Roof Hatch with Zip Retractable Ladder with Extended Skirt Liner and Ceiling Drop Down Door.

SRH Roof Hatch with Ships Ladder.

See SHP Ships Ladders for Further Details

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