ZIP Retractable Ladders

Zip retractable ladders provide the simple solution to ceiling and loft access. Incorporating deep and wide anti-slip treads, a counterbalance spring ensures that the stairway can be operated with a minimum of effort. Mounted on a headboard for easy installation. Maximum loading 200kg/tread or 500kg/m2 of the overall structure. Surespan Zip ladders are tested and certified to EN14975.


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    • Deep and wide anti-slip treads
    • Counterbalance spring action
    • Mounted on a headboard for easy installation
    • Maximum loading 200kg/tread
    • Certified to EN14975
    • 80mm spacer required behind head board
    • All treads size 140mm to 350mm
    • One side telescopic handrail
    • Boxed and ready for shipping

    Standard Sizes

    Model Ceiling Height Min Aperture
    Width x Length
    Space (mm)
    No. of
    * Floor space – please refer to the drawing
    ZIP 4 Up to 2500mm 650 x 900 1210-1310 9 28kg
    ZIP 5 2501 to 2790mm 650 x 900 1310-1410 10 30kg
    ZIP 6 2791 to 3090mm 650 x 900 1410-1510 11 32kg
    ZIP 7 3091 to 3390mm 650 x 950 1510-1610 12 34kg

    Shipping Specification

    ZIP ladders are boxed ready for shipping. Size 750 750 (Length) x 600 (Width) x 570 (Height).

    ZIP Ladder Specification


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    Leamore Enterprise Park
    Walsall, WS2 7NL
    West Midlands, UK
    +44 (0)1922 711185
    +44 (0)1922 497943 (Fax)

    Minimum Dimensions for ZIP 4 - 7 Ladders

    Minimum Dimensions for ZIP 4 – 7 Ladders (Both sizes not including telescopic handrail).

    740mm Jakdor with floor hatch

    740mm with Jakdor drop down ceiling door

    640mm without Jakdor drop down ceiling door

    Wall Mounted Rung

    When wall mounted rungs are required, a vertical fixed grabrail either side of the rungs can be offered to assist with vertical climbing.

    Ceiling aperture ladder
    ZIP vertical ladder

    Extended Skirt with ZIP Ladder

    ZIP ladders are manufactured to fit an extended skirt liner. Theskirt liner can be used on any type of roof and can be provided as a completely assembled unit. This unit comprises of an SRH roof hatch, extended liner, wall mounted rung, vertical fixed ladder and a ZIP retractable ladder.

    For metal deck roof applications, the extended skirt liner gives an attractive look to unsightly metal edging. In general circumstances, it gives a lining to the inside of the aperture.

    The JAKDOR ceiling access door is to be fitted once the unit has been fully installed.

    The skirt liner can be manufactured to your exact requirements. No shape or size has its restrictions.

    Extended Roof Hatch
    Metal Deck Roof Applications

    Optional Features

    Ceiling aperture ladder

    SL ladder within the ceiling aperture.

    ZIP ladder with rail

    Telescopic handrail – can be provided to fit on both sides of the zip ladder.

    Safety guard

    Guard rail – three sided guard rail around aperture.