ZIP 8 Retractable Ladders

Surespan ZIP 8 Retractable Ladders are made to order to suit your floor to ceiling height, this unit comes complete, ready mounted to a wooden trap ceiling door within a 19mm thick wooden casing 240 deep which acts as a lining for the ceiling aperture when the unit is fitted in position.

The aperture size will be determined by the height of the ladder.

Options available include electrically operated, 30 and 90 minute fire rated and top operating handle.

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    • Deep and wide anti-slip treads
    • Counterbalance spring action
    • Mounted to a wooden trap ceiling door
    • 19mm thick wooden casing 240mm deep
    • Maximum loading 200kg/tread
    • Certified to EN14975
    • All treads size 140mm to 350mm
    • One side telescopic handrail
    • Bespoke designs available

    ZIP 8 Ladder Specification

    Floor to Ceiling Height
    Touch Down Point
    Creating Space
    The floor to ceiling height will determinate the length of the structural opening.
    Contact our sales department for more details.
    2200-2500 1350-1200 1450
    2510-2790 1450-1300 1550
    2800-3090 1550-1440 1650
    3100-3390 1660-1540 1770
    3400-3690 1770-1640 1890
    3700-3990 1880-1740 2010
    4000-4300 1980-1830 2030

    ZIP 8 with Vertical Access

    ZIP 8 vertical retractable ladder can be manufactured for vertical wall access and is made to order for such a situation.

    As standard, the ZIP 8 ladder is provided ready mounted to a timber trap door and casing.



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    ZIP 8 TRH Top Operating Handle

    Handle and cable release system to unlock the ceiling trapdoor from above. Open and close both ceiling trapdoor and retractable ladder by pushing or pulling with operating pole.

    Top handle

    ZIP 8 Electrically Operated

    The ZIP 8 Electric is made to order to suit your floor to ceiling height. Operated by a 24V electric drive with emergency power supply, it is operated by an electronic push button. Infra-red remote controls are available on request, enabling the retractable ladder to be opened and closed from above or below.

    The ladder offers automatic limit stop and safety shut down when obstacles are present. In the event of an emergency, manual operation is possible. A smoke warner and a warning signal and horn are additional accessories available.

    ZIP ladder

    ZIP 8 Ladder with SRH Roof Hatch

    Optional Features

    Ceiling aperture ladder

    SL ladder within the ceiling aperture.

    ZIP ladder with rail

    Telescopic handrail – can be provided to fit on both sides of the zip ladder.

    Safety guard

    Guard rail – three sided guard rail around aperture.

    Fire rated

    30 or 90 min fire rating.

    Top handle

    Top handle and cable release system.

    ZIP ladder

    Operated by a 24v DC electric drive.