SRHP/25 Resources

Surespans SRHP/25 thermally broken roof hatch with a 25mm insulation achieving a U-value of 0.28 W/m²K. Manufactured from aluminium with a curb liner as standard

Please note: All prices are with L01, L02 or L04 locking options and no powder coating (mill finish aluminium). 

 SRHP25/60.60 600 x 600  26 kg£650 excl. VAT
 SRHP25/75.75 750 x 750  33 kg£750 excl. VAT
 SRHP25/75.90 750 x 900  36 kg£720 excl. VAT
 SRHP25/90.90 900 x 900  40 kg£750 excl. VAT
 SRHP25/100.100 1000 x 1000  45 kg£950 excl. VAT


Internal cablock.

LO1 Locking Option


Internal cablock and pad lockable toggle latch.

LO2 Locking Option


Pad lockable external handle and internal cablock. 

LO4 Locking Option

SRHP/25 Roof Hatch

You’re able to purchase the SRHP/25 online. If you need something bespoke, please contact us for a quotation.