Exi-Vent Access Hatch - Bespoke Smoke Ventilation | Surespan

Exi-Vent Roof Hatch

  • Combines a CE Marked Smoke Vent with a Staircase access hatch
  • Operated independently of one another
  • Smoke vent automatically opens in the event of a fire
  • Access hatch can be opened for servicing and maintenance access
  • AOV is CE Marked and Certified EN12101-2
  • Thermally Broken Design
  • Custom made to any size

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Fitting Details

MATERIAL:Cover and frame constructed in aluminium with thermally broken extrusions. 
COVER:The lid is supported by heavy duty hinges and features an integral ‘wrap over’ edge. Individual lids can be operated separately, for stair access or smoke ventilation. 
CURB:300mm in height with external curb liner, 50mm thermal break and 50mm insulation to 0.43 W/m2K U-value. 
SEAL:Unbroken double seal to lid. 
OPERATION:Operated by a heavy-duty 24v DC actuator to open the double skinned aluminium lid. The hatch is designed to be wired directly into the building management system by others. 
UPSTAND: 300mm in height and manufactured in aluminium. With a 50mm insulation thickness. The upstand has a purpose made flashing to accept the roof membrane (supplied by others and fitted under manufacturers instructions) flush to exterior insulation. 
FINISH:Mill finish aluminium as standard, dual powder coating option available.